Virtual Classroom in Courselink

Did you know Courselink has a tool to allow you to live stream and record sessions?

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Moving activities online

How do you do a lecture or discussion online? Learn more on how to convert your in class activities online.

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Transitioning Online

Over the next week, you will be transitioning your in class to an online delivery. Here are 4 steps to help you through this transition.

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Upcoming Webinars from EdTechOntario

Mark your calendars for upcoming webinars hosted by EdTechOntario 

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Teach research papers with Mentimeter

How do you present a research paper to students? Do your students even know how to read a research paper? Try a Mentimeter presentation.

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Break up lectures with KAHOOT

There's a lot of content to cover, but is having a 3 hour straight lecture the way to go? Try doing a short interactive quiz using Kahoot.

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Tired of technology taking up too much of your time? Want to try something easy but effective? This blog is for you!

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